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In Which I Have Issues

Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Paging Mr. Harper, Glenn Harper please pick up the white courtesy phone. I make it a policy at CrimeSpot to ask permission before I add anyone's blog. I'd really like to add Glenn Harper's International Noir - but I can't find any contact information anywhere! If anyone can help, please send him a note and ask him to contact me at

I drink the Kool-Aid. I finally broke down and got an iPod after bravely resisting for years. One huge bonus: I can now listen to podcasts during my one-hour-each-way commute (drawback: it's hard to concentrate while shouting, "Watch where you're going, you stupid $%&*!"). This led me to discover, home of the podcasts "Out Of The Past: Investigating Film Noir" and "Behind The Black Mask: Mystery Writers Revealed".

So far I've only checked out the interviews with Megan Abbott and Duane Swierczynski, but they're really interesting. For example, one of these facts is true, from Duane's own mouth:
  1. Duane has the body of a man half his age. He keeps it in the freezer.
  2. "Swierczynski" is not his real last name. He shortened it from "Swierczynsckicallafragilisticexpialidocious".
  3. Duane and his brother Greg were named after the Allman brothers.

I report, you decide! These podcasts are more than an excuse for cheap jokes at Duane's expense, they're also very interesting, so be sure to check them out. If you don't have an iPod you can listed from your computer. If you want to look like a complete dork.

Cheap Thrills. Sarah Weinman is conducting a critical roundtable at her site with Jerome Weeks, Hallie Ephron, and Dick Adler. They're discussing the new book The Triumph of the Thriller. So far Part I and Part II have been posted.

I have issues, part I. The new print mag Out Of The Gutter arrived the other day. If Murdaland is the spiritual descendant of Plots With Guns, Gutter is the bastard child of Blue Murder. I've plowed halfway through it, and so far it's profane, lewd, violent, and frequently funny. Despite its low-rent origins, it's also a nice looking package, with a few mock ads similar to those you'd find in old pulp mags (my favorite is "Money In Gerbils!"). Scroll to the end for complete contents.

I have issues, part II. Bryon Quertermous sends word that the winter issue of DEMOLITION is now live. Obviously Bryon is trying to buy off various literary critics (David J. Montgomery, Anthony Rainone) by publishing their fiction. Full contents at the end.

And I thank you. I believe I neglected to mention that someone finally took me up on my offer, and killed me in a story. Sort of. In "Call Me Cupid" he bumps a guy named Ted Powell, which I guess is close enough to my first name, Edward. Other than that, he's NOTHING like me. I swear!

Out Of The Gutter contents:

"Final Tally", by Victor Gischler
"Goodbye Love", by Hana K. Lee
"Punishment", by J.A. Konrath
"Beer, Cheese, and the City Lights", by Dale Bridges
"Footwork", by Paul Grimsley
"Only the Strong Survive", by Seth Ferranti
"I SAW RED", by M.L.B.
"Violent Delights", by Harry Shannon
"Clover", by Billy Elizondo
"Dirty Laundry", by Todd Robinson
"Spring Break in Mexico", by D.Z. Allen
"The Millstone", by Joe McKinney
"Last Shot", by Sandra Ruttan
"The Errand", by Dale Bridges
"The Bet", by Charlie Stella
"Chinese Finger Trap", by M.L.B.

DEMOLITION contents:

"Cheer For Me", by Ed Lynskey
"Mi Vida de Lucha", by David J. Montgomery
"Diner This", by James McGowen
"Crossing Borders", by James Stickney
"Power of the Gods", by Anthony Rainone
"Riptide", by Keith Gilman
"White Tile", by Rob Kramer
"Stone Cool", by Peggy Ehrhart

posted by Graham Powell at 6:06 PM