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Demolish This!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
The Spring issue of DEMOLITION has now been posted by editor Bryon Quertermous and his flunky, Dave White, and features GLOW: the Glamourous Ladies Of Writing. Many of the contributors are also members of the CrimeSpot community. Full contents:

"Wish You Weren't Here", by Sarah Weinman
"In Other News", by Jennifer Jordan
"Low Drama", by Kim Harrington
"The Squatter", by Patricia Abbot
"Fucked Again", by Sandra Ruttan
"Penzance", by Aliya Whiteley
"X", by J.T. Ellison

Mars Needs Links! OK, not really Mars, but the Calendar page has not been working out as well as I had hoped, due to sundry technical issues (read: lazyness), so I'm going to create a page of links to non-blog sites of interest - and I want your help! Send me mystery fiction links that might be of interest to others. The only restrictions: no author pages, and no bookstores. I'm mostly looking for 'zines, forums, bibliographical resources, etc. Email to

posted by Graham Powell at 10:08 AM

The Original Crimedogs

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Two of The Original Crimedogs (which would make a good name for a band) are profiled online today: Victor Gischler over at the Secret Dead Blog, and Neil Smith at Tribe's blog. Both of them have new books on the way (Shotgun Opera and The Drummer, respectively) and both give good interview.

In other news: I told Bryon I would post this last week but forgot - he's put up a new blog for people searching for Bouchercon roommates. Appropriately enough, it's called the Bouchercon Roommate Search. Check it out if you are looking for a roommate, a place to stay, or an opportunity to give Bryon a hard time.

A tech tip: DON'T POST FROM WORD INTO BLOGGER!!!! Word inserts a whole bunch of HTML tags that are declared using a namespace. They look like <ns:tag>. Unfortunately, Word never gets around to defining the namespace, so that when Blogger packages the post for syndication, it causes the whole file to be invalid. The end result is your updates don't show on the site. Once I get the file it's too late to fix it, but I am writing to Blogger and suggesting they strip this out. 'Til then: Just Say No.

posted by Graham Powell at 10:30 AM

Something Blue

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Nothing but sad news this week, I'm afraid. The recent arrival of CrimeSpree Issue 11 has been overshadowed by the loss of editors Jon and Jen Jordan's father, Armand.

Just this morning I heard that a close member of Tribe's family passed away from cancer.

And Ed Gorman's blog is on hiatus while he finishes his novel and prepares for a trip to the Mayo clinic.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

posted by Graham Powell at 3:35 PM

Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
News and notes for a Tuesday:

* The new issue of Crime Scene Scotland is up and running, with new fiction by Mark Joseph Kiewlak, Christoper Morrow, and Joseph Farria, and reviews of Charlie Williams' King Of The Road, Ray Banks' Saturday's Child, and Bust by Ken Bruen and Jason Starr (among others). The Eds promise more to come soon, including the mysterious "unconfirmed content."

Fiction contents:

"Confession", by Mark Joseph Kiewlak
"Chickens", by Christoper Morrow
"Love, The Dead Man" by Joseph Farria

* Must be a busy week in Britain, as SHOTS has a new look and a bunch of new articles. Sarah Paretsky is profiled, along with Martyn Waites and Stephen Leather, there are interviews, and pretty pictures, and a 5-spot of new crime stories:

"The Fabulous Super Guy", by Aliya Whiteley
"An Even Existence", by James Harris
"Catnap", by Patricia Abbott
"Kiss The Cook", by Edward Musto
"A Fire In Her Eyes", by Stephen Blackmoore

* Finally, nominations for the second annual Ross Thomas award are now open. This award is given annually for the best first line in a mystery thriller by CrimeSpree Magazine and The Drood Review. The particulars:

The Drood Review and Crimespree Magazine announce that nominations are now open for this year's Ross Thomas Prize, given annually to the best first line in a thriller or mystery novel. This year's contest will include a significantly expanded panel of judges, and is expected to attract over a thousand entries.

Nominations must be made at by July 1, 2006. The first lines of all novels published in the English language in the calendar year 2005 are eligible, including hard covers, paperbacks, and electronic novels released by commercial presses or self-published. Nominations can be made by readers, publishers, publicists, agents, and authors. Authors are encouraged to nominate their own work.

A short list of finalists will be announced August 1, and the winner will be announced September 28, 2006, at Bouchercon in Madison, Wisconsin. Judges this year include librarians, critics, booksellers, authors and industry experts. Among those serving are Lee Child, Laura Lippman, Bleak House Books' Ben Leroy, Raymond Kearney, Cara Black, Sarah Weinman, Maggie Griffin, and David Montgomery, plus many others.

Last year's winner was Jennifer Apodaca of Los Angeles for the first line of Ninja Soccer Moms: "The thing about revenge is it takes a woman who is well and truly pissed to get it right."

The Ross Thomas Prize is given with permission of Ross Thomas's widow, Rosalie.

posted by Graham Powell at 12:36 PM