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A Worthy Cause; Mug Shots #4

Monday, February 12, 2007
First, an apology. In my last post I gave Bryon Quertermous the business over his new site template. After thinking about it I decided I was a little too hard on him. Bryon hasn't said anything, and probably took it with good humor, but still. Not everybody feels the need to show off how macho they are, and while busting your friend's chops is a time honored tradition, next time I'll do it in private. Sorry, dude.

Books for the troops. David Terrenoire has a family member leaving for Iraq and is asking for book donations:
As anyone who has ever been in the service knows, boredom is an unavoidable part of military life. Books help, especially the kind of books we read. Nothing takes your mind of the brutalities and war like a good multiple homicide.


Today I'm asking you to step up. You can send your books to me and I'll forward them, or you can send them direct. And please, if you want to do something more than slap one of those three-dollar magnets on your car, pass this address along to fans, friends and family.I know you guys won't let me down.

Here is Brett's address:

Cpt. Brett Sachse, MD
240 Med Det 28 CSH
APO AE 09348

Here is my address:

David Terrenoire
5 Chipley Ct.
Durham, NC 27703

I'll let you know how it's going in future posts.

I'm sending along a box of paperbacks myself, and I encourage all of you to do the same. Especially any authors who have copies of their books just gathering dust. Thanks.

Mug Shots #4. Since I just posted J. Kingston Pierce's mug last week I should probably make y'all wait a little longer for your next dose, but I was inspired and can't help myself. Allow me to present Anthony Neil Smith, former editor of the legendary Plots With Guns, author of the novels Psychosomatic and The Drummer, and all-around good guy. Or is that... WEDGE ANTILLES!

Hey, it could happen. After all, Smith is from the Gulf Coast, and the Antilles have been an important family down there for centuries. I mean, they've even got two island chains named after them! (Too obscure?)

Now that he's moved up to the Great White North, maybe another comparison would be more appropriate:

An old friend returns. Back in the day, you didn't have too many options for getting hot fresh mysteries off the Internet. You had Blue Murder. You had The Thrilling Detective. You had Judas Ezine. And you had Nefarious. All of those except TTD eventually went dark, but now Nefarious is back and open for business.

The new issue has short stories, a review of the film Children of Men, and a primer on writing flash fiction. Worth checking out, for sure.

posted by Graham Powell at 10:12 AM