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Feeling The Love - UPDATED

Friday, December 22, 2006
UPDATE: Well, right after I posted this earlier today, a little birdy blabbed in my ear that, although Jen Jordan may have fired the first salvo, a certain Murderati blogger was the mastermind behind this campaign. Thanks, JT, and all who participated.

Wow. When Jen started all this yesterday, I had no idea... Graham Powell appreciation day? I'm practically speechless! Good thing I was on vacation, with plenty of time to respond to all the nice posts (and if I missed yours, sorry).

CrimeSpot came about when I was wishing there was a way to see if my favorite sites had been updated without checking them ten times a day. I experimented with newsreaders and such but nothing really grabbed me. Then I got to thinking: feeds are just XML files... I have some XML tools just sitting around... Hey! Maybe I could make a site to do that! And the rest is history.

The best part has been making new friends all over the country, people I never would have met otherwise. I hope to meet all of you in person eventually. We'll swap beers and jokes and generally have a good time.

And now, for Jen, here's a picture of the Swedish Chef:

posted by Graham Powell at 6:23 PM