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Zinewatch Episode 3

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
What's new on the 'zine front? Glad you asked.

First up, those fine fellows at ThugLit bring you Issue 6, full of - wait, let's let them tell it:

  • A Super needs to find a way to save the kids in his building from the Meth lab they call home.

  • A man is given the choice: rob the bank or lose your wife.

  • When you're ex-girlfriend shoots you in the face and steals the drugs, what's a man to do?

  • A tricky car alarm forces some fast answers... From the man who's boosting it.

  • They say it takes a thief to catch a thief. What if you're trying to catch a killer?

  • A P.I. goes south of the border to find a Senator's daughter and scope out the burrow she's in... Or the burro that's in her.

  • A man of the cloth tries to be his own avenging angel.

  • If you're going to mess with another man's wife, make sure that man doesn't have a gun.

  • The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. This also applies to convenience store robbers.

  • What do you do when the man inside might snitch? Then, how do you get him outside?

  • A crippled detective needs to help his punk rock princess's boyfriend broker some valuable gardening implements.

  • When the price is flesh, you don't care who pays. As long as it ain't you.

Issue Contents:

"The Super Hero", by Tony Burton
"Voodoo Dolls", by D.Z. Allen
"Ain't My Bitch", by Max Callahan
"False Alarm", by J.D. Smith
"Capacity To Kill", by Donovan Arch Montierth
"Donkey Show", by Bryon Quertermous
"Click. Boom.", by Justin Porter
"Bale Hearing", by Christopher Friesen
"On The Program", by Eric M. Witchey
"Rescuing Isaac", by Frank Zafiro
"Alvin Comes Home", by Tim Wohlforth
"With Intentions Of Torture", by Michael Colangelo

That story by Tim Wohlforth features Crip and Henrietta, faves of mine from Plots With Guns. And now maybe Bryon will shut up about "Donkey Show".


I was poking around on Sandra Blabber, er, Ruttan's site, and noticed that she had a 'zine as well. It's called Spinetingler Magazine, and you can read the full contents of every issue in your own living room via the magic of teh Intarweb. Fiction in the current issue:

"Intuition", by Tracy Sharp
"Outpost", by Kaitlyn Northam
"The Matchmaker's Brew", by Dana Y.T. Lin
"She Is Not Dead", by Erato Sahapoglu
"Keeping Fayth", by E. Ann Bardawill
"The Cannibal Buffet", by Ryan Block
"Absolution", by M.G. Tarquini
"The Mentor", by Darlene Hanson
"Chaos", by Tracy Sharp

Plus reviews, interviews, etc.

posted by Graham Powell at 11:52 AM

Tanned. Rested. Ready.

Monday, March 20, 2006
Yes, I'm back from vacation and ready to rock. A lot went on in the mystery world while I was off feeding the dolphins, so let's get to it:

* The latest edition of Al Guthrie's Noir Originals is up, so be sure to check out the new Noir Zine and New Writers. The 'Zine has interviews with such luminaries as Charles "Richard Aleas" Ardai, Duane (cut, paste) Swierczynski, Charlie "No, not that Charles Williams" Williams, and Jason Starr, plus a number of reviews and other articles. Over in New Writers you can read excerpts from the likes of Dave White, Harry Shannon, and Raymond Embrack.

* Love Rains O'er Eisler: In their last issue, the prominent international news magazine The Economist had a very enthusiastic review (requires subscription) of Barry Eisler's latest John Rain thriller, Killing Rain. This should bring Eisler's killer-with-a-conscience to a much wider audience. Strangely, in Britain Eisler uses a pseudonym - anyone know why?

* Ed Gorman's excellent ProFiles series continues apace, including a recent interview with my friend Michael Bracken, the Hardest Working Man In Show Business (Literary Division), and a real old-school pro. Most writers working today write more or less what they want, and succeed or fail with that material. Not many are able to adapt to different markets and produce high-level work.

* Tribe's story site Flashing In The Gutters has a new address: Please make a note of it.

* The StorySouth Millions Writers Award Notable Stories of 2005 have been announced. Here's a quick and dirty list of some 'zines you may have heard of:

"Down and Out in Brentwood" by Neal Marks

"Freezing Moon" by Roy Felps
"Knight Erring" by Darragh Metzger

(High Pulp issue)
"Gloria My Gloria" by Vishal Khanna

"The Fifty-Three Cent Mistake" by Herschel Cozine

"A Sack of Potatoes" by Sarah Weinman

"Consider It Lit" by Stephen D. Rogers
"The Face in the Concrete" by Tapani Bagge (translated from the Finnish by Minna Haapio)

"Johnny Cash Is Dead" by Jordan Harper

Congrats to all the writers, editors, and assorted hangers-on involved.

* And in honor of the release of Dublin Noir, and as a reward for reading this far, I thought I'd point you to a little story I wrote last year, called "Ken Bruen Is Dead, Alas".

posted by Graham Powell at 9:49 AM

Help Yourselves To The Scotch

Thursday, March 09, 2006
The fine folks at Crime Scene Scotland have split off their book reviews into a new blog, so allow me to introduce Crime Scene Scotland Reviews.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Sean Doolittle has posted his latest "monthly" load, with much interesting stuff about his latest manuscript. Unfortunately Sean won't start a real blog (he'd have to post more than 9 times a year) so I can't add him to the index. But he has plenty to say, so check it out.

posted by Graham Powell at 6:17 PM

Saved By Megan

Friday, March 03, 2006
Just when I thought I'd never have another topic for a post, Megan "The Other" Powell goes and updates Shred Of Evidence. The February issue, Volume 4 Number 1 (has it been that long?), is now available for your view pleasure here.


"You've Just Killed a Man" by Terry Black
"My Best Friend's Girl" by A.J. Fehr
"The Search for Wilton Wist" by Patricia Abbott
"The Last Cowboy" by E.C. Morgan
"Worth the Chance" by A.C. Ellis
"Blackbird" by J.E. Seymour

posted by Graham Powell at 8:51 AM