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Good News, Bad News

Monday, August 07, 2006
Instead of ending with a downer, I'll lead with it. The recent ConMisterio convention down in Austin, where I had some much fun, is no more. Apparently it was a big hit with the attendees, not so much at the box office. After two money-losing years the organizers decided to pack it in.

Now for the good news - hot fresh fiction! First off, Bryon Quertermous' DEMOLITION is back with a very nice summer issue. Included is a new Viktor Petrenko story by Steven Torres, "Viktor Petrenko: Bring Them To Their Knees". Can't explain why, but for some reason I dig ol' Viktor.

Paul Guyot wins the Richard Stark Memorial Best First Line award for "The Law and The Order" (although Jim Winter may want a few words with him), the ubiquitous Stephen D. Rogers has a new story "Omniscience", and thrilling editor (is there such a thing?) Gerald So puts in an appearance with "The Observer". Full contents:

"Twisted Sister", by Jeff Shelby
"The Law and The Order", by Paul Guyot
"Pay The Cost", by Justin Porter
"The Saint Of Gunners", by Todd Robinson (aka Big Daddy Thug)
"Viktor Petrenko: Bring Them To Their Knees", by Steven Torres
"The Observer", by Gerald So
"Breaking In The New Guy", by Stephen Blackmoore
"Omniscience", by Stephen D. Rogers

Next up is Thuglit Issue 8, in which the aforementioned Big Daddy Thug passes the reins to guest editor Lady Detroit. Like the cover promises, it's "Fucked-up Crime Fiction", by a crop of writers mostly unknown to me. With one exception: Hugh Lessig, who did such excellent work a few years ago in the pages of Plots With Guns, HandHeldCrime, and The Thrilling Detective. Complete contents:

"One Tenth Of One Tenth Of A Second", by Bryan W. Alaspa
"Light-Skinned Niggas Can't Fight", by Marcus J. Guillory
"Pat's Pit", by Alejandro Pena
"Eight Guns Over A Dead Girl", by Patty Templeton
"The All-Night Dentist", by Vincent Kovar
"Reading The Footnotes", by John Stickney
"The Neighbors", by Bill Fitzhugh
"Slug Fest", by Richard B. Lynch
"Portrait Of A Man", by A.B. Gorrell
"The Practice Of Business Takes Practice", by A.T. Mango
"Eyes Of The Prophets", by Hugh Lessig
"There's No Business Like Drug Business", by Rodolphe Cuzon

Between those two zines, that's a full book's worth of stories, and not for $19.95 either. Get it for free before they come to their senses!

Speaking of not-free things, any bandwagon-jumpers who are running late might want to head over to Murdaland, they new hardboiled print 'zine. They've posted the contents of their first issue, due out in a month or so, and it includes the likes of Daniel Woodrell, Gary Phillips, Ken Bruen, and "The Professor", Anthony Neil Smith.

Lastly, like many artists, Mickey Spillane may finally be getting his due only after he's dead. The latest evindece: international news magazine The Economist featured The Mick's obituary in last week's issue. Godspeed, Mickey.

posted by Graham Powell at 9:57 AM