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Criminal Element
Murder. Mystery. Mayhem. Boiled Daily.

The Weekly Lizard
Presented by Vintage Crime/Black Lizard.

Terrible Minds
Chuck Wendig, freelance penmonkey.

The Art of Writing

(spās,hōm) n. Personal website of Chris F. Holm.
285 weeks ago

'Do You Write Under Your Own Name?'
Martin Edwards' crime writing blog.
285 weeks ago

Killer Hobbies
Mystery authors discuss the hobbies they write about and more.
285 weeks ago

Murder Is Everywhere
Six renowned crime writers blog from different corners of the world.
285 weeks ago

Hey, There's A Dead Guy in the Living Room
Mystery publishing, from idea to bookshelf.
285 weeks ago

Spinetingler Magazine
Featuring the works of established and emerging authors.
285 weeks ago

Friends/Family/Fans of Max Allan Collins
285 weeks ago

Do Some Damage
An inside look at crime fiction.
285 weeks ago

The Memory Project
Blog of writer Laura Lippman, award-winning author of the Tess Monaghan series.
285 weeks ago

Flogging the Quill
Exploring the art and craft of compelling storytelling.
285 weeks ago

A gathering of Midnight Ink authors.
286 weeks ago

Craig McDonald
Blog of author Craig McDonald, Edgar/Anthony nominated crime novelist and journalist.
287 weeks ago

What Fresh Hell Is This?
J.D. Rhoades' blog, author of the Jack Keller series, "Good Day in Hell", available now, and "The Devils' Right Hand", now out in paperback.
287 weeks ago

Femmes Fatales
Ferociously talented women dedicated to the fine art of crime fiction.
287 weeks ago

Cracked Rearview Mirror
The blog of Ed Lynskey, author of LAKE CHARLES.
287 weeks ago

Terrible Minds
Chuck Wendig, freelance penmonkey.
287 weeks ago

Getting Medieval
Jeri Westerson: The Trials and Tribulations of Getting my Medieval Mysteries published.
288 weeks ago

Blogs From Exile
The blog of Vincent O'Neil, author of the Frank Cole series.
292 weeks ago

At the Villa Rose
Random thoughts of Xavier Lechard.
292 weeks ago

Linda L. Richards
Because all the good blog names were taken.
293 weeks ago
The crime fiction podcast - stories read by the authors.
300 weeks ago

Is this thing on?
The blog of writer Jan Burke.
302 weeks ago

Scene of the Crime
Focusing on mysteries with spirit of place.
311 weeks ago

John Baker's Blog
Reflections of a working writer and reader
313 weeks ago

Seth Harwood
For information on Seth Harwood's podcasts, writing, and further developments in the Jack Palms series.
314 weeks ago

and another thing...
The blog of writer John Connolly, author of the Charlie Parker novels.
314 weeks ago

Edged in Blue
Blog of writer James R. Winter, an expatriate Clevelandite doing time in Cincinatti.
315 weeks ago

The Lineup
Anthology of Poems on Crime.
317 weeks ago

Needle: A Magazine of Noir
The official blog of Needle Magazine.
319 weeks ago

The Cold Kiss
The writing journal of John Rector.
328 weeks ago

The Kill Zone
Insider perspectives from today's hottest thriller and mystery writers.
331 weeks ago

Emily Adler's blog.
335 weeks ago

Beth Groundwater
Author Beth Groundwater has published seven short stories, and her amateur sleuth mystery, A REAL BASKET CASE, was published by Five Star Publishing in March, 2007.
335 weeks ago

The blog of writer John Harvey.
339 weeks ago

Michael Haskins
I live in and write about Key West. If you have been here, that’s enough said. If you’ve never been in Key West, all I can say is use your imagination and then some.
346 weeks ago

Vicki Hendricks - Fiction Writing Tips
A source for aspiring fiction writers, especially those interested in crime writing.
348 weeks ago

The Charlie Williams Blog
Charlie Williams is the author of the "Mangel trilogy" (DEADFOLK, FAGS AND LAGER, and KING OF THE ROAD (not out until Feb)).
349 weeks ago

Riordan's Desk
In which mystery writer Mark Coggins--and his PI protagonist, August Riordan--talk about the world of writing, mystery fiction and the process of bringing a novel to market.
377 weeks ago

Maine Crime Writer
Bloggage from Patrick Shawn Bagley.
377 weeks ago

Secret Dead Blog
The Online Journal of Duane Swierczynski, the Pole With Soul, editor of the Philadelphia City Paper.
379 weeks ago

Rough Edges
Rough Edges, from James Reasoner, author of nearly 200 mysteries and westerns.
381 weeks ago

Attention, Children
The on-line and off-putting home of Jimmy Callaway, scumbag writer.
382 weeks ago

Poe's Deadly Daughters
A blog for mystery lovers.
387 weeks ago

Sandra Scoppettone's Writing Thoughts
As a published crime writer I've decided to post my thoughts on writing and not writing. Notes on what it's like to be a professional writer, the good and bad days, experiences, and leads to things that might help a new writer
392 weeks ago

Rhys's Pieces
News and musings from award-winning mystery writer Rhys Bowen.
397 weeks ago

Noir Writer
This is the blog of noir writer Stephen Allan.
405 weeks ago

The Outfit
The blog of Chicago crime writers Sara Paretsky, Libby Hellmann, Barbara D'Amato, Michael Allen Dymmoch, Kevin Guilfoile, Marcus Sakey and Sean Chercover. Come join the conversation!
436 weeks ago

These Aye Mean Streets
The writing blog of Russel D McLean. Yeah, I know: another writer with a blog, how damnably original!
440 weeks ago

Anthony Rainone
Thoughts on crime, fiction, and crime fiction from New York-based writer and reviewer Anthony Rainone.
440 weeks ago

Driving Too Fast Down The Middle Of The Road
Matthew Funk's ruminations of reckless moderation.
443 weeks ago

Write It Anyway
For new writers trying to fit it all in. From Rachel Brady.
458 weeks ago

Blog of crime write-ist Stuart MacBride, author of COLD GRANITE and some other stuff. Like you didn't have anything better to do...
458 weeks ago

Powder Burn Flash
A flash fiction site from the Mystery Dawg, Aldo Calcagno.
462 weeks ago

Darkest Before The Dawn
Darkest Before The Dawn is a place to develop your ideas for short ficition stories that requires more than 1000 words to tell.
463 weeks ago

Brevity is the Soul of Writ. From the prolific Stephen D. Rogers.
471 weeks ago

Down In The Hole
Sydney crime fiction writer Daniel Hatadi has published several short stories and articles and is currently working on a novel.
476 weeks ago

The Cold Spot
The Writing Underworld of Tom Piccirilli.
477 weeks ago

The Little Blog Of Murder
Confessions of five Ohio mystery authors.
489 weeks ago

Bo Fexler, PI
A sexy modern female private eye who can use her brains, her body and her fists. From Clair Dickson.
500 weeks ago

Criminal Brief
The mystery short story web log project.
509 weeks ago

Day Labor
The official blog of Crime Factory Magazine.
518 weeks ago

Fictional Musings
Writers have so many stories spinning in their minds, eventually they have to be released one by one. Fictional Musings is a short genre fiction blog created for this purpose.
569 weeks ago
From the mind of Jim Pascoe, writer and co-founder of the small press known as Uglytown.
589 weeks ago